3 Places Where Public Relations Are Highly Important

Public relations is a new branch of marketing compared to traditional marketing. Even though history like to portray PR as a method that was being used even in the ancient times of humans, the truth is that it started developing at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, the real use of it started showing up in the second half of the 1900s when it turned from a strategy to real science. The PR developed from a way to inform the masses to something much greater that creates and changes the course of the society. Learn more about PR itself here.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 most common fields of our culture and society where PR is mostly used and is playing a significant role. Read on and learn more!


Today’s politics is filthy, arrogant, unfair and has almost nothing to do with the needs of the people. Politics is the legal way to convince people why someone should run the public sector and with it, become powerful and earn the chance to make more money. Of course, if you read the official definition, politics is something completely different, but this is simply the truth.

Knowing this, politicians and their parties need professional marketers who know exactly what needs to be done in certain situations in order to gain the trust of the public. A professional PR manager can carve a politician’s speech in minutes and with it help them overcome any situation.

Politics a lot of the time has to battle with complicated and negative news. The job of the PR team is to lower the damage that is coming from it and create an image of success even though there’s nothing successful. If the politician is in the opposition, the PR team will find a way to portray some of the happenings in our society as disastrous even though there’s nothing special in it, just to make the ones running the institutions look bad.

Of course, the people don’t realize this is just a game between two PR teams but that’s exactly the point. It’s called public relations because the teams are handling the relation of the politician with the public.


A big powerful corporation who has a lot of work and a gigantic team of employees simply can’t handle every customer’s question at all times. That’s why corporations hire PR companies to do this for them especially in times when they need to announce something to the public. See why every company needs a PR: https://www.prnewsonline.com/5-reasons-why-your-company-needs-to-hire-a-pr-firm/

Whether it be bad or good news, the public relations team will think of the best possible way to announce the news. Also, they are the responsible guys behind a lot of the commercials you see. Sure, a commercial need actors, directors, camera professionals and similar, but it’s the PR team who needs to explain how some of the details in the campaign will act on the customers.


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Make Money in a Short Time without Capital

The higher cost of living makes everyone turn their minds to get as much income as possible. To fulfill all living expenses such as basic needs, school fees and other costs that must be met every month. In addition to living necessities, sometimes you also need money to fulfill your lifestyle. Fulfillment of this lifestyle that often makes spending more than income. That is because you buy something not based on your needs but merely desires. To meet your needs and lifestyle you must think about ways to make lots of money in a short time. Actually there are many ways that can be done to increase the source of income, especially in the online era like now. You can use the internet to find all the info you need.

1. Selling Unused Goods at Home (Garage Sale)

If you have no capital at all, the easiest way to get money is to sell your goods. Certainly in your home there are items that have not been used, but are still in good condition and functioning properly. You can clean it then sell it directly by making a garage sale to attract the attention of potential buyers. In addition to household items, you can sort your clothes that are rarely used or no longer fit. If it is still in good condition, it would not hurt you to sell it in the garage. That way you will get cash directly in a short time.

2. Become an Online Taxi Driver

For those of you who have a car and can drive, you can change your free time into money, by becoming an online taxi driver. If you and your car meet the requirements, immediately register yourself and your car becomes an online taxi partner. That way you will soon get an order to take trips from online taxi users. The amount of money earned depends entirely on you. If you receive orders more often then in a short time you will get a lot of money.

3. Become an Ojek Online Diver

How to get a lot of money in the next short time is to become an online motorcycle taxi driver. It’s almost the same as the previous point, but the difference is that if a motorcycle taxi is used. So you who have a motorbike and can drive it can also register as an online motorcycle taxi driver. Only with motorbike and mobile capital you can do this job. Immediately check the requirements on the internet, then if you meet all the requirements immediately register online. Once accepted, then you can immediately receive your first order, the more diligent in receiving orders, the faster you will collect money.

4. Become an Online Shop Dropshiper

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Take advantage of 7 parts of this house to make money

In general, the house is used as a place to live. The house is a family gathering and shelter. However, it is not uncommon for people to use their homes as a place to do business as well as a place to live.
If you are currently looking for a business idea, try to look at all parts of your house. Your home can actually be a place to make money. There are many ways to turn your house into a source of income.
Certainly, not by selling or renting out your building and area of ​​the house completely. However, you can use several parts of your home, both inside and outside your home, to make money. You can still stay in the house. Well, here’s how to use your home to get income.


If you have an empty and unused bedroom, you can rent it to someone else like a boarding house. Rooms can be rented with a monthly system for students, students or office workers. Rooms can also be rented weekly for foreign tourists who are on vacation in your area.
However, this can reduce the privacy of your family, because tenants can go in and out of your home. Well, to outsmart it, maybe you can renovate a house to make a separate entrance between family and tenants. Also make regulations so that tenants do not enter certain rooms that are specific to your family.


If you live in a densely populated urban area, you can just use the garage of your house as a vehicle for storage. Because quite a lot of people in big cities have vehicles, but don’t have a place to store their vehicles. Instead of your garage rarely used, then you better just rent it.


For those of you who are good at cooking or making cakes, try to use your kitchen for culinary business. Like opening a catering business or selling cookies based on orders. This business is suitable for housewives who like to cook. Life becomes more productive and produces.Living Room
For those of you who are good at teaching, try to become tutors or private teachers for school children. Try opening a course business in your home by changing part of your living room into a study room. Noble work, but also make money every month.


The outside of the walls of your house or the walls of a house can be advertising media. This can reduce the beauty of the appearance of your home, but make a decent amount of money. Because now a number of companies are starting to advertise their products by painting their brand images on the walls of people’s homes. Especially if the house is in a densely populated area that is always crowded.

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You can rent your front yard for people who want to open a sales booth. Try offering food vendors, such as traders of fried rice, catfish chips, chicken satay, and so on. The Read More