Public relations is a new branch of marketing compared to traditional marketing. Even though history like to portray PR as a method that was being used even in the ancient times of humans, the truth is that it started developing at the beginning of the 20th century.

However, the real use of it started showing up in the second half of the 1900s when it turned from a strategy to real science. The PR developed from a way to inform the masses to something much greater that creates and changes the course of the society. Learn more about PR itself here.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 most common fields of our culture and society where PR is mostly used and is playing a significant role. Read on and learn more!


Today’s politics is filthy, arrogant, unfair and has almost nothing to do with the needs of the people. Politics is the legal way to convince people why someone should run the public sector and with it, become powerful and earn the chance to make more money. Of course, if you read the official definition, politics is something completely different, but this is simply the truth.

Knowing this, politicians and their parties need professional marketers who know exactly what needs to be done in certain situations in order to gain the trust of the public. A professional PR manager can carve a politician’s speech in minutes and with it help them overcome any situation.

Politics a lot of the time has to battle with complicated and negative news. The job of the PR team is to lower the damage that is coming from it and create an image of success even though there’s nothing successful. If the politician is in the opposition, the PR team will find a way to portray some of the happenings in our society as disastrous even though there’s nothing special in it, just to make the ones running the institutions look bad.

Of course, the people don’t realize this is just a game between two PR teams but that’s exactly the point. It’s called public relations because the teams are handling the relation of the politician with the public.


A big powerful corporation who has a lot of work and a gigantic team of employees simply can’t handle every customer’s question at all times. That’s why corporations hire PR companies to do this for them especially in times when they need to announce something to the public. See why every company needs a PR:

Whether it be bad or good news, the public relations team will think of the best possible way to announce the news. Also, they are the responsible guys behind a lot of the commercials you see. Sure, a commercial need actors, directors, camera professionals and similar, but it’s the PR team who needs to explain how some of the details in the campaign will act on the customers.


Health has become a business of its own these days. With so many private clinics in the American continent, one would be surprised if they have no team of people working in the background to create the perfect possible image for them.

Just like corporations and politicians, private hospitals are companies who offer healthcare and receive payment for it. The difference here is that if some company create a product that’s not best for their customers, they’ll simply pull it back from the store and create another. With the hospitals, it’s not that simple.

Hospitals need a perfect image at all times. Every bad treatment of their patients can cause dissatisfaction in the public and eventually people will think that doctors in it work poorly and their health is at risk if they go there.

That’s why a lot of clinics invest in healthcare public relations. It’s important to have professionals working on this so the doctors can be free of stress about their job. It’s completely normal for people to feel disappointed if they or some of their loved ones don’t get healed.

However, this is not always possible. Only doctors know all the situations and know if the case can be solved positively. Patients, on the other hand, expect only good results when they pay top dollars for the treatment. That’s where PR comes into play. Lowering the damage effects and creating an image that will show everyone about how good this clinic is.